so. very. busy.

With a ball stretcher-cockring

Super busy these days.

Super busy these days.

The Shot

New undies and haircut!

dexteral asked: Do you have dildos ? Long ? Large ?

I have one, it’s around 8.5 I think, and thick

misterstevenslothhh asked: Celebrity fuck?

Answered awhile back, but here it is again!

- Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew VanDeKamp from Desperate Housewives
- Zac Efron
- Doug Savant (Tom Scavo from Desperate Housewives)
- Liam Payne (from One Direction)
- Any go the guys from Emblem 3

average-space-ninja asked: What's your favourite pice of underwear that you own?

Simple comfy pair if white Hugo Boss briefs

regular guy who enjoys showing off.

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